About DLDgrapix by nancy

From my title, I am Nancy Davis, freelance Graphic Designer, daughter, friend and Mom.

Hailing from the heart of it all, rural Ohio.  My roots are planted deeply in the Appalachian heritage and that is something I am so proud to have, a heritage.

For eight years now I have been designing graphics, mostly web graphics.  My start came at an unfortunate reason.  My only child, my son was killed in a car accident at the age of 17.  To help keep his memory alive he has several websites.  This is where my designing started.

I live in a small town with my fiance, Michael who had a massive stroke in 2011, my Mom who is 83 yo and more energy than I do.  lol Last but not least our Princess Molly, my dog.  She truly thinks everything is about her.  I am just not sure where she got that attitude.

It is really difficult to narrow down my likes.  So here goes my list!  Graphics, vintage, DIY, mixed media, up cycle, garden, flower gardens, junk hunting aka "dumpster diving," being creative, social media......soooo hooked, blogging, Sons of Anarchy, ID channel, History channel, boho, bohemian, retro, mod, peace sign, butter pecan ice cream, Snickers, music of all kinds, The Ohio State Buckeyes Football,  Pittsburgh Steelers, Monet, purple, naps, quiet days, rainy days doing projects, playing in the snow, falling into leaves, the smell of Spring, quotes,Special K, PBJ sandwiches, inspirations, shopping online, learning, helping others, laying on a blanket to look at stars, watching clouds and imagining their image forms, and taking care of my family.

Okay now the bad stuff.  I procrastinate, don't exercise enough, don't clean as often as I should, very bossy, talk too loud I am told, ignore what is going on around me, & I am positive there is more will add them as I think of them.

Each and everyday my heart aches to see my son, Dustin.  He is my first thought in the mornings and last thought before I go to sleep.  I am living the "abnormal" normal life.

Etsy banners will be offered pre-made and custom designsBlog banners, Facebook timeline, Twitter background, logo, business cards, tags, inchies, real banner templates, Google+ and any other graphic you can think of to do.  If it isn't mentioned please ask.  Honestly if you don't see it please email me.  I have done "real" vinyl banners and so much more.  If I cannot do it I will be honest with you and let you know.

DLDgraphix by nancy may be new but definitely we have been around with lots of experience

I am looking forward to helping you make your visions a possibility.  Close your eyes and let's create what you envision.

Some of my Social Media is still in My Eclectic Loft.  Not sure if I will change it.

When you have the time please stop by my other blog, My Eclectic Loft

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